Passive House

The Passive House Institute of the US (PHIUS) Certified Data for Windows program reviews manufacturer-supplied specifications for window products and recommends products that are suitable for passive house by climate zone.

We are proud that several Teutonic® Series products have been PHIUS-verified. This allows us to help in the commitment to meeting high performance building principles for passive house design.

Following is a general list of products and the zones in which they qualify:

Teutonic Series* Zone 2 East Zone 2 West Zone 3 Marine South
Fixed Windows check mark check mark check mark check mark
Tilt-Slide Doors check mark     check mark
Tilt-Turn Windows check mark     check mark
*Products must have triple pane glass filled with argon gas and a combination of LoE²-270/LoE-180 coatings or LoE³-366/LoE-180 coatings.


Meeting the PHIUS performance criteria is dependent upon ordering and installing the product as specified, i.e., it must have the LoE coatings, lite divisions, and other glass features specified. It is also dependent upon placement in the elevation as recommended by PHIUS. Plus, each product is verified for select geographic regions of the United States. Download a list of Kolbe products that have been PHIUS verified.

For more information, please visit the Or, view this video which explains Passive House in 90 seconds.